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United Cars is a operator owned business since 2014 in the heart of Bengaluru with a strong presence in the automotive industry. When it comes to repairing or doing checkups on your car's mechanics or electronics, the years of expertise works wonders.

United Cars vehicle service contracts offer reliable protection at an affordable cost, which is exactly what consumers want when looking for mechanical protection for their vehicles. Our product is backed by an A-rated insurer, thus providing our contract holders with the utmost security.

super systems to diagnose all issues

automatic towing services available without human intervention

tires are the main components that need to be taken care of

all repairs done inthe most cost effective manner

Pro & Custom Solutions

with many years of experience to provide all solutions as customers require it

We service

Our Client testimonials

Mr. roger PAtna

All my cars are purchased and services at the center.

aishwarya juneja

Great for frequent service if you love your car

matt jackson

knowledgeable and efficient service personnel who knows the technicalities of engine work

redding hood

Amazing adventure at the service center. courteous staff.

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United Cars, Munegowda cross, MS Nagar post, Ramaswamipalya, Maruthi Sevanagar, Bengaluru, karnataka 560033, India

+91 (988) 684 9255, +91 (944) 862 0319

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